15 www.nslusa.com NSL uses only the highest grade of materials in our panel construction. For example, our light guide plate which provides even light distribution across the panel surface is made of 3mm polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) – the best in the business. No yellowing, no dark spots – ever. The reflective paper used in our panels provides more than 95% reflectance, is rated to 150C, will not oxidize and will not fade over time. Our Anodized aluminum frames are sturdy, corrosion free and remove heat from the LED light source. Anodized aluminum housing, Fast heat dissipation, anti-corrosion. Longbright brand isolated drivers used in our panel lights ensure the best flicker free performance available. PCB 3mm thick PMMA Light Guide Plate will not yellow over time EVA Aluminum Frame Diffuser Plate Reflective Paper Backboard t t Compresses layers to ensure perfectly even light distribution. Not all LED Panel Lights are Equal