20 SWITCHEX® SWITCHEX® Is A True Evolutionary Step Forward For LED Control Systems. SWITCHEX® is a dimmer with an integrated driver that converts 120VAC to either 12VDC or 24VDC. This means SWITCHEX® is all you need between your line voltage and low voltage LED lighting. Best of all, it fits in a standard electrical box. SWITCHEX® solves two of the most common LED lighting challenges: • Poor dimming performance that often results when a dimmer and LED driver are made by different manufacturers • Finding a place to fit the LED driver Why Choose SWITCHEX ® from NSL? ✔ Eliminates driver/switch compatibility issues ✔ Easy in-line installation ✔ Integrated LED driver ✔ Excellent dimming performance ✔ Fits in a standard electrical box ✔ Preset dimmer with on/off switch ✔ 100W, 24V capacity 60W, 12V capacity (separate model) LED DRIVER + DIMMER IN ONE WINNER OF THE ARCHITECTURAL SSL PRODUCT INNOVATION AWARD SWITCHEX® is the winner of the Product Innovation Award in the Components & Light Source Category for Architectural SSL Magazine. LED DRIVER + DIMMER IN ONE CAMERA-READY LOGOTYPE FOR TYPE L AND TYPE R LISTING MAR These Marks are registered by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.