9 MAGIC LITE LTD. NATIONAL SPECIALTY LIGHTING LED Globe Light LED Globe Light is a Marquee style decorative string light designed for the toughest of weather conditions. LED Globe Light utilizes super bright LED’s to provide the ultimate in decorative string lighting for a multitude of applications. It can be supplied pre-assembled 12" (30.4cm) spacing or with loose lamp assemblies for custom spacing. Operating on safe 24V class 2 power supplies LED Globe Light is low in power consumption and high in lumen output assuring you an extremely effective decorative lighting project. Features ✔ Low power consumption ✔ Safe class 2, 24V power supply ✔ Field cuttable ✔ Multiple lamp spacings available ✔ Durable construction for indoor and outdoor use ✔ Available in Cool White and Warm White ✔ Optional Red, Blue, Green & Amber LEDs are also available Applications • Building outlines • String across patios, walk ways, streets and public areas • Under soffits Shown Actual Size 1.77" (45mm) 2.76" (70mm) • Bridges • Architectural features • Coves • Window decorations • Decks and patios DIMMABLE! DIMMABLE! DIMMABLE! DIMMABLE!