11 MAGIC LITE LTD. NATIONAL SPECIALTY LIGHTING LED Wedge Light LED Wedge Light is a robust all-weather product, ideal for building outlines and other decorative lighting applications. LED Wedge Light utilizes a 3 chip LED wedge base lamp mounted on outdoor rated SPT2 wire. It’s high brightness, low power consumption and long life make it the perfect choice for decorative lighting applications both indoors and outdoors. Available in 6" (15.2cm) standard lamp spacing, LED Wedge Light can be cut to any length at any place on the wire. Custom spacing is also available. LED Wedge Light operates on safe class 2, 12V power supplies. Features ✔ Low power consumption ✔ Safe class 2, 12V power supply ✔ Field cuttable ✔ Multiple lamp spacings available ✔ Durable construction for indoor and outdoor use ✔ Available in Cool White and Warm White ✔ Optional Red, Blue, Green & Amber LEDs are also available Applications • Building outlines • Under soffits • Bridges • Architectural features • Coves • Window decorations • Decks and patios Shown Actual Size 1.02" (26mm) 1.46" (37mm) DIMMABLE! DIMMABLE! DIMMABLE! DIMMABLE!