12 www.magiclite.com www.nslusa.com LED Wedge Light Specifications Electrical 12V DC, .25W LED Life 50,000 hours LED Colors Cool White 6000K, Warm White 2700K Red, Blue, Green and Amber also available upon request Lumen Output 15 lumens Efficacy 60 Lumens per Watt Cable PVC black SPT2, 16AWG outdoor rated Operating Temperature -25°C to 65°C Maximum length 150' (45.6M) Not to exceed 200 lamps Wiring Directly wired to class 2, 12V power supply Power Supply Selection Dimmable Indoor/Outdoor Max # of Globes TRE12L20DC 20 Watts 80 TRE12L60DC 60 Watts 200 Non Dimmable Indoor/Outdoor LEDDR-12-60W 60 Watts 200 Product Codes MGWL - 06 - Y MGWL - Y LED Spacing Color Wedge Light 6" Standard WW - Warm White CW - Cool White R - Red BL - Blue G - Green AM - Amber LED Wedge Light Color WW - Warm White CW - Cool White R - Red BL - Blue G - Green AM - Amber Accessories MGWL-Y LED Wedge Light lamp assembly (Specify color – see product codes) ST16W - Outdoor rated cable for DIY mounting of LED Wedge Light MGTP - Double sided tape (Bag of 50 pieces) MGEC End cap for wire (Bag of 10) MGNC Wood nail mounting clip MGWC Tie wrap for mounting to wire Wedge Light Assembly Product Codes