23 MAGIC LITE LTD. NATIONAL SPECIALTY LIGHTING LED MiniDisc Light A robust LED marker light ideal for public or residential applications, indoor or outdoor. LED MiniDisc Light is a compact yet powerful LED light fixture suitable for hundreds of applications. Made of durable cast aluminum, this robust fixture is suitable for in-ground, ceiling or wall applications – both indoor and outdoor. Our concrete form makes concrete pour applications simple and fast. LED MiniDisc Light makes LED marker lighting affordable for any budget! Features ✔ Now dimmable on the primary power supply side with our new dimmable LED Drivers! ✔ Long life – 50,000 hours ✔ Low power consumption of 0.24 watts per fixture ✔ Safe 12 volt, Class 2 power supply (not included) ✔ Up to 100 fixtures per power supply ✔ cUL listed for in-wall, IC ceiling, in-floor, outdoor wet, and outdoor burial applications ✔ Fits in any 1" diameter hole, 3 1/2" long ✔ 2 year limited warranty, 3 years on stainless steel NOTE: When installing Mini Disc Lights in harsh environments (such as limestone, salted areas, coastal environments, etc.), please use the stainless steel version to avoid the risk of corrosion to body of fixture. Applications • Steps • Aisles • Paths • Driveways • Direction lighting • Information lighting • Decorative lighting • Merchandising • Landscape accents 2" 50.8mm 7/8" 22.2mm 3 1/4" 82.6mm 2" 50.8mm 1" 25.4mm DIMMABLE! DIMMABLE! DIMMABLE! DIMMABLE!