25 MAGIC LITE LTD. NATIONAL SPECIALTY LIGHTING LED MiniDisc Light (Stainless Steel) LED MiniDisc Light is now available in solid Stainless Steel for high traffic applications and in high salt environments. Applications • Public parking lots • Heavy traffic areas • Salt and other corrosive environments NOTE: Same electrical specifications, LED colors and dimensions as aluminum MiniDisc Lights. Stainless steel are not available in scoop version. 2" 50.8mm 7/8" 22.2mm 3 1/4" 82.6mm 2" 50.8mm 1" 25.4mm Product Codes LEDMD - XX - SS LED MiniDisc Light Color of LED Stainless Steel CW - White 5400 K WW - Warm White 2900 K BL - Blue GR - Green AM - Amber RD - Red LED MiniDisc Scoop Light LED MiniDisc Scoop is designed to direct light where you want it. Ideal for stair lighting when placed on risers to avoid glare. Great for theatre aisle ways. 31/4" 82.6mm 7/8" 22.2mm 2" 50.8mm 1" 25.4mm 1" 25.4mm 2" 50.8mm 15/16" 23.8mm Product Codes LEDMDS - XX - YY LED MiniDisc Color of LED Finish Scoop Light CW - White 5400 K AL- Aluminum WW - Warm White 2900 K BK - Black BL - Blue BZ - Bronze GR - Green WH - White AM - Amber RD - Red Damp Location Listed Damp Location Listed