26 www.magiclite.com www.nslusa.com LED Dimmers Dimmer Compatibility List for LED Voltage Drivers The listed dimmers were tested with E-Series LED Voltage Drivers. Dimmers performance may vary within the same model or with different LED load types. Additional MLV (Magnetic Low Voltage) may be used, please contact our customer service department for more information. Compatibility list may change without prior notice. Lutron Skylark S-103P S-603P S-10P S-600P S-103PNL S-603PNL S-10PNL S-600PNL Lutron Rotary D-603P DNG-603PH-DK D-600 DNG-603P DNG-600P D-600R Lutron Maestro MA-1000 MA-600 MSC-1000M MSC-600M Lutron Nova Dimmer N-1500 N-2000 N-1000 N-600 N-1503P N-2003P N-1003P N-603P Lutron Diva DVCL-153PH DVCL-153P DVCL-253P DVSCCL-153P DVSCCL-253P DV-103P DVSC-103 DVSC-603P DVSCCL-253P DV-103P DVSC-103P DVSC-603P DV-603P DV-10P DV-600P DVSC-10P Incandescent ol Dimmer OC5504 1C30O5 Leviton Illumatech Dimmer IPM06-1LZ IPM06-1LX IPM10-1LZ Leviton Mural Dimmer MDM06-1LI MDM06-1LW MDM06-1LA MDM10-1LI MDM10-1LW MDM10-1LA Leviton Vizia Dimmer VPM06-1LZ TGM10-1LI Leviton ToggleTouch Dimmer TGM10-1LI TGM10-1LA TGM10-1LT Leviton SureSlide Dimmer 6613-PLT 6613-PLI 6613-PLW 6613-PLA Pass and Seymour HLV1103PW CDLV1103-PW HLV703PTC WSLV703PW H703PTUTC CDLV703-PW H703P LSLV600-PW LSLV600-W Lutron Vareo Dimmer V-1000 V-600 V-1000-S V-600-S VETN-1000 VETS-1000 VETS-1000-CSA VETN-1000-S VETN-1000 VETS-1000 VETS-1000-CSA VETN-1000-S VETS-1000-SL-S VETS-A-SL VETS-A-SL-S Lutron Ariadni Dimmer AYLV-603P AYLV-603P-CSA AYLV-603P-S AYLV-600P AYLV-600PCSA AYLV-600P-S Lutron Lyneo Dimmer LXLV-103PL LXLV-603PL LXLV-10PL LXLV-600PL Lutron Nova T Dimmer NTLV-1500 NTLV-1000 NTLV-1000-277 NTLV-600 NTLV-600-277 Lutron Aycl Dimmer AYCL-153-PH Lutron Nova Dimmer NTLV-1000 NTLV-1500 NTLV-600 NTLV-1500-S NTLV-600-S NTLV-1000-S NTLV-1503P NTLV-2003P NTLV-1003P NTLV-603P NTLV-1503P-CSA NTLV-1003P-CSA NTLV-603P-CSA NTLV-1503P-S NTLV-2003P-S NT-3PS NT-3PS-CSA NT-3PS-S NTLV-1003P-S NTLV-603P-S NT-4PS NT-4PS-CSA NT-1PS-S NT-4PS-S NT-1PS NT-1PS-CSA Lutron Diva Dimmer DVLV-103P DVLV-603P DVSCLV-103P DVSCLV-603P DVLV-103P-CSA DVLV-603P-CSA DVLV-103P-S DVLV-603P-S DVLV-103PH-S DVLV-603PH-S DVSCLV-103P-L DVSCLV-603P-L DVLV-603V DVLV-600P DVLV-600P DVLV-10P DVSCLV-10P DVSCLV-600P DVLV-10P-CSA SC-1PSNL DVLV-10P-S DVLV-10PH-S DVSCLV-10P-L SC-3PS SC-3PS SC-4PS SC-4PS SC-1PS SC-1PS SC-3PSNL SC-4PSNL SC-1PSNL Lutron Ceana Dimmer CNLV-603P CNLV-600P Lutron Glyder Dimmer GLV-600 GLV-600-CSA Lutron Skylark Dimmer CNLV-603P CNLV-600P GLV-600 GLV-600-CSA S-600P SLV-603P SLV-603P-CSA SLV-603PH-CSA SLV-600P SLV-600P-CSA SLV-600PH-CSA Lutron Approved Dimmers INCANDESCENT DIMMERS LEVITON DIMMERS LEGRAND DIMMERS MLV DIMMERS