32 www.magiclite.com www.nslusa.com Thin-line LED Down Lights Accessories Dimmable to 5% with most Triac dimmers. See website for complete list of drawings, photometrics and dimmers. Base Plate/Hanger Bar (with driver) Assembly for new construction 4" fixture: LVLDL-04-NCH LVLDL-HP-04-NCH 6" fixture: LVLDL-06-NCH LVLDL-HP-06-NCH 8" fixture: LVLDL-08-NCH LVLDL-HP-08-NCH 10" fixture: LVLDL-10-NCH 10' Extension Cord for Remote Driver: LVLDL-EX-10-CM 30' Extension Cord for Remote Driver: LVLDL-EX-30-CM IC Housing for Insulated Ceilings 4" fixture: LVLDL-04-HOU LVLDL-HP-04-HOU 6" fixture: LVLDL-06-HOU LVLDL-HP-06-HOU 8" fixture: LVLDL-08-HOU LVLDL-HP-08-HOU OPTIONAL Thin-line LED Down Lights are IC rated Retrofit Model – Remote Driver also available Remote Driver