65 MAGIC LITE LTD. NATIONAL SPECIALTY LIGHTING Xenon Britestrip NSL’s popular Britestrip provides the ultimate in linear lighting systems. With a bend radius of 2.25" (5.75cm), inside or outside, Xenon Brightstrip can evenly illuminate the tightest of curved surfaces. Even 90 degree corners are simple to do. Xenon Brightstrip mounts easily with 3M® double sided tape (pre-fixed to the back of each socket) or with simple to use nail clips for added security. The lamp holders have a metal reflector built in which deflects heat away from the mounting surface and reflects light onto the surface being illuminated. Features ✔ Safe 24V operation ✔ Flexible design allows for wide variety of applications ✔ Parallel wiring means loss of a bulb does not affect remaining strip ✔ Snap in bulb socket design for ease of installation and replacement ✔ Field cuttable ✔ Simple, safe, effective terminal blocks and covers for connecting to power ✔ Each socket has its own 3M® double sided tape for mounting ✔ Optional nail clips for wood or porous surfaces ✔ 1 year limited warranty Applications • Under cabinets • Above cabinets • Showcase lighting • Cove lighting • Indirect lighting • Sign back lighting • Shelf lighting • Decorative accents Nail Clip End Cap 11/16” 17mm 13/16” 21mm 2” 50mm 1” / 25.4mm (approx. 4 lamps per foot) 2” / 50.8mm (approx. 3 lamps per foot) 4” / 101.6mm (approx. 2 lamps per foot)