73 Galaxy Fiber Optic System MAGIC LITE LTD. NATIONAL SPECIALTY LIGHTING Galaxy Fiber Optic Systems are comprised of a fiber optic illuminator with a LED or Halogen light source, 12' long, 1.0mm dia. clear acrylic fibers, and acrylic panels or existing ceiling/wall covering drilled to accept the fibers. Fiber optic illuminators ship with a black/white wheel for a twinkling star night effect, and a color wheel for a kaleidoscope effect. Standard acrylic panels fit into a 2' x 2' or 2' x 4' drop ceiling. Custom panel sizes are available, up to a maximum 4' x 8' panel. Features ✔ Four illuminator choices ✔ New LED illuminator has 85% energy savings vs. similar Halogen model ✔ No electricity or heat at the point of illumination ✔ Fiber optic cable is durable, There is nothing to break or burn out ✔ No UV rays at the point of illumination ✔ Easy remote maintenance ✔ ETL listed for indoor dry locations Applications • Dining Rooms • Bedrooms • Bathrooms • Entryways • Living Rooms • Entertainment Rooms • Visual Merchandising • Exhibit Projects Panel Illuminator 110 V Fiber optic cables transmit light from a LED or Halogen illuminator for a sparkling overhead light show.