7 MAGIC LITE LTD. NATIONAL SPECIALTY LIGHTING LED eSTRIP HIGH POWER eSTRIP New High Power eStrip with twice the lumen output of our regular eSTRIP! HIGH POWER eSTRIP is brighter than neon, half the cost and easier to install. It’s flexible nature and field cutability make this product easy to maintain and provides a true neon look at a fraction of the installed price of neon. Outdoor rated, dimmable power supplies means no “through wall” wiring when installing. Call us today for a demo of this remarkable product. See specifications on page 6. See page 6 for specifications. See page 57 - 58 for driver selection. High Power eStrip Product Codes LESHP - XX - YY High Power Strip Length Color of LED LED eSTRIP 40 = 40ft. WW - Warm White CW - Cool White